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Unique Website design ideas by 1stbayCreative & Unique

“Thanks for visiting 1stbay.com. We launched this site in the beginning of 2015 to show people more how they can incorporate social media with their website and make their sites as interactive as possible. What makes 1stBay so unique than any other web design and internet marketing firm is we pay such close attention to detail and what is going to make a company stand out from the rest of the pack, along with getting the user your customer, to perform a specific action whether or not it’s buying a product or filling out a contact form or making a phone call to your business were always thinking how can we get the user to convert. And how we can do that is by using all the tools of latest technology the web has available, like video, like social media, cool CSS styling and animations… making the site smart phone friendly and so on. We don’t think of all these things as novelties or gimmicks. The days of just having a static webpage with some content and a few images are dead and in your customer’s mind these add quality to your site and enhance the experience… and they’ll remember that. That reflects on your business directly.”

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You can always call us at 1-888-813-0195 or shoot us an email.  Right now we got a special business event for a limited time: We will do a Free Business Analysis to show you how to make your online presence more profitable.