PPC Management

Pay per click or PPC Advertising is exactly as it sounds.  An advertising mechanism for businesses to only pay for an ad when a prospect clicks on it.  It’s fast and easy… to get awesome results or waste your money.  Our PPC Management service is designed to maximize your cost per click through extensive monitoring, better ad copy and choosing higher converting keywords.  PPC advertising is used on all the major search engines, advertising networks, banner sites, social media sites and more for those businesses wanting an instant response.  But be careful… PPC Advertising costs can run away fast if you don’t stay on top of it. The focus of PPC Management is to be cost effective performance-based advertising.  Search engine advertisers bid on keywords they believe their target audience will type in the search for their products and services. When the customer types in a keyword search phrase on the advertisers list the company shows up in the search results. Showing up is called an “impression.”  Impressions are free of charge.  If your prospect decides to click on your ad then you will be billed for that click. You’ll notice these ads in Google’s search listings are called “sponsored ads.”  Strong analytics and call tracking are essential to block unwanted calls and solicitors filtering out only legit prospects.

Formula For Success

Landing Page Creations/Analytics Integration
Ad Copy
Keyword Competition Analysis
A/B Split Testing

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Many business owners utilize this approach in their marketing mix because the excellent control they have over their PPC advertising campaigns. PPC advertising runs instantaneously as soon as they are published and can create immediate traffic to your website along with an immediate call to action on your product or service. As Internet marketing continues to grow PPC advertising is becoming more competitive than ever before. Knowing which keywords create the highest conversions for the littlest cost per click along with high converting landing pages, mobile ads and more separates the profitable from the broke in PPC advertising campaign. This is the reason expert PPC Management is needed. 1stBay uses proprietary bidding tools, analytics, A/B split testing and more to see how much your competition is bidding per keyword and which key words are converting best for your PPC advertising. After all the last thing you want is to have people click your link and do nothing!

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Increase Your Ad Conversions With Extensions

Take a look at the example image below depicts using Social Extensions to give buyers more confidence in your credibility & popularity. See how a method like this would increase your CTR? Don't take our word for it. A/B test your own ad and measure the results, we'll bet you the Social Extensions Ad CTR is much greater. There are many, many tricks like this to increase your CTR. Contact us now to increase your Click through rate.

Should I choose a self managed PPC campaign for my company?

Should I choose a self managed PPC advertising campaign for my company?  PPC Management is a full time job for many. Some e-commerce clients with high volume may require a dedicated PPC tech to handle their PPC Management account. But if you possess the solid promotional writing skills, have an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology, a complete understanding of the various PPC advertising guidelines and rules, plus loads of time then you may save some money doing it yourself.  Our research has concluded from previous client encounters that most small businesses tend not to be strategic enough in their marketing efforts and spend too much time focusing on unproductive keywords.  90% of the clients we encounter never have done a/b split testing.  Usually our clients have core competencies far better suited to focus on their own businesses rather than trying to master PPC Advertising and PPC Management.

Say for example you repair air-conditioners for a living what would you say to one of our PPC Management specialists about repairing their own air conditioner unit?  “Of course it’s possible to do it yourself but it may take you longer to get working right and might not work as well as you expected when your finished.”  Perhaps you can see our point that utilizing one of our pay per click professionals that specializes soley in this form of advertising will save you money by creating a system that continuously focuses on highest converting ad copy, lowest bidding price, best timing for running certain ads and getting high converting positions.  There are no long term contracts, results come almost instantly and we must continue to earn your business each month by showing you ROI.