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googlemybusinessDo you still look for local businesses in the Yellow book or neighborhood flyers? When is the last time you hired a company as a result of their direct mail piece?   Maybe it’s time for different concepts like smartphones and GPS.  How often do you use your smart phone to search for a local business?  This is your new secret weapon and a long term solution for bringing in local business through the web from a variety of sources. The most recent change you may have noticed on Google is that the Google Places local business listings (now Google My Business) have been combined with organic search listings to produce one blended result of search listings creating less variety and forcing more local businesses into PPC (pay-per-click). However, you can still get the local traffic you want, even more of it via Google + social marketing and Google Places optimization. 1stBay keeps track of these changes with our Google Places Optimization/ Google Maps Optimization service to help small business owners wanting to show up in different locations to stay on top.  This service involves custom posts, linking, videos, images  and more to create the most powerful local business pages on the web.  This traffic is free 24/7 and on mobile devices Google shows the local business listings above organic SEO results.

Your plan to dominate looks something like this:

Goolge plusKeyword Research – Prior to us optimizing your business listing we’ll initially decide which keywords your top consumers are entering in the search engines to locate you. Not targeting the most lucrative keywords may cost your company a lot of money in lost sales.

Competition Analysis – Then once we have your relevant list, we evaluate the level of competition term by term in order to decide if it’s the ideal term/location to target. If it’s a very competitive keyword we also search additional keywords which gain excellent traffic. We’ll NEVER target low visitor keywords only to claim we got you to #1!

Compile your master list template – Following your enrollment, we’ll request every bit of the relevant information needed to piece together a comprehensive format of your company’s profile.  This includes images, videos, logos, product/service photos and coupons. Google, Yahoo & Bing put a high value upon having a full completed listing.

Claim your business listing with Google, Bing & Yahoo  – They’re the three major ones and 95% of all local business searches happen here.  We’re still amazed how many clients of ours never took time to properly verify their listing and own it.  It’s like leaving money on the table.  The method in which your G+ listing is crafted has a huge impact as to if you possess any opportunity of appearing high within search results for your company’s keywords.

Dominate Directories – Google searches all over the Web for citations from additional directories and reviews. The more citations & reviews you got, the higher Google is going to rank you. Our company’s state-of-the-art submission solution permits us to insert your company’s listing to well over one-hundred yellow page directories, local directories, mobile phone directories, 411 directories, On star and GPS.

We offer customized local seo services with one year of monitoring, updates, and continual submissions. Things always are changing on the web. Google often changes their rules and makes updates. New directories sprout up all of the time. Do not be concerned; we are on top of it and have systems for monitoring you 24/7.  In addition we can track reputation online the right way.

Page 1 rankings upon Google’s Local Place/Maps Search can be attainable for all businesses – irrespective of your budget or size.

Our effective and powerful solution is reasonable for any company and there is no excuse for not getting in the game and competing with the major players for your leading Google position.

Google does not care the size of your company or wallet. They’re main interest is to provide the most relevant results best user experience. We understand what Google wants through their quality guidelines and currently test thousands of webpages for algorithms! Our company’s Local Search Domination solution will be your secret weapon to put you in the right place at the right time.

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