Video Marketing

1stBay offers the best YouTube marketing and video syndication services. We can market your own videos or make you one. Our video marketing is affordable and we have marketed over a thousand videos since 2008 achieving front page Google rankings for top keyword phrases. We can take your video and syndicate it on hundreds of different websites for a viral marketing campaign that will never stop working for you. YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine and 3rd most visited website in the world. Years ago Google purchased YouTube claiming it was the best visual search engine, people seem to agree. You will see that when searches are performed on Google, YouTube videos are ranking thumbnails in the organic search listings. Due to their visual content videos get clicked on with great frequency.  Our YouTube SEO marketing campaigns help optimize your company’s videos to appear in the organic search listings as well as on YouTube.


Why should I do video marketing with YouTube videos?

Video Marketing research has proven many customers utilize these YouTube videos to research the products and services they want to buy before making their purchase. Being able to separate your company’s YouTube videos from your competitors and rank them higher gives you a tremendous marketing advantage. Giving your prospects the opportunity of viewing your product or service and action rather than reading a static webpage increases sales conversions.


Video Marketing 
No video? NO PROBLEM. 1stBay will begin by creating your own YouTube channel that can be viewed through YouTube and a special YouTube channel button will be added to your website pages. The YouTube page will be developed to closely mirror the visual appearance of your company’s website.


It’s no secret that making television commercials are expensive when including the production and airtime costs. 1stBay can make professional looking HD videos to appear on your YouTube channel and eliminate these high production costs while capturing a very targeted lead.  Just to put YouTube in perspective for you their website currently gets over 2 billion visitors every single day looking for their videos of interest.  You can reach a much larger demographic through YouTube for a fraction of the cost of making a TV commercial.

  • Allows your customer to visualize firsthand your products and services.
  • The Videos get indexed by Google and can appear organically.
  • Search engines view your videos with credibility.
  • Excellent ways to build back links and create site authority.
  • Helps establish strong branding of your business.
  • Enhances your Google Plus page authority.
  • Tap into 2 billion visitors a day 🙂