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  1. CLIENTS SAY WE’RE EASY TO WORK WITH: We know you’re busy running your business so we’ve developed a “no headache, no added work policy” for business owners that hire us.  Leave your project to us and don’t worry.  We require no micro-management.  We will update you on status with an online login and are easily available via Skype.
  2. EFFICIENT SIZE:  We’re a smaller operation but not small potatoes.  We know how to scale operations and have handled enterprise level tasks.  But let’s talk customer service: Do you like that big corporate feel of being put on hold and asked for your Customer ID Number?  None of that here… You won’t be treated like a number we can guarantee you that!  We have worked with small businesses and some big ones too.  Our favorite niche is small-medium size business that wants to grow big.
  3. SPEEDYWe like to work hard and fast.  Usually we are waiting on the client to get things sent over or for approvals.  Your satisfaction is always the number one priority.
  4. FAIR PRICING:  We’ll be Fair and Honest with pricing.  We still got to make a profit so we’ll be upfront and say we’re competitive but never will we be the cheapest price or strive to be.  Cheap things aren’t good and good things aren’t cheap.  This is especially true on the world’s most competitive and profitable marketplace.  Clients should only choose us if you want things done right the first time AND to the highest standard without headaches.  We’ve been at this since 2008 and have learned and grown from many mistakes.  Of course price always matters but ask yourself how much extra you’d be willing to spend on “peace of mind”.  We are your peace of mind company.  In any case, we get asked about our prices blindly by many people.  That’s kind of like asking, “What’s the price of a car?”  Let’s talk industry website development pricing: People who send existing requirement specs to agencies or freelancers will get very broad ranges back.  For example, one gentleman contacted us who had sent out his requirements and received quotes back for $5k, $15k, $45k, $75k, and $140k, all based on the same specs.  Many times people do not understand what is included in cheap prices and assume their website will do everything.  If you do not have it explicitly stated in your Spec sheet you should not expect it.  At the same time, we do not believe in padding the budget with extra features you don’t need.  Pricing all depends on the features you want. Excellent planning and communication is paramount.  Please send us your specs or get a consultation and learn what you need to be successful online.  To give you blind pricing we will say something like this for web development:
    For template-based sites, the price can range from $2,500 to $10,000.For non-template based sites, prices typically start at $30k to $50k.
  5. COMPETENT, DILIGENT FOCUSED ON ROI: We only take on projects when we’re highly confident we can add value.  If we can’t understand how your business will benefit from an online marketing plan we won’t work together.  We will turn away a business if we cannot find out specific targets that will drive revenue.  This helps ensure more home

    Scott Andreasen – Owner

    runs and less strike outs.

  6. REFERENCES: In addition to our Testimonial video up top, we put reviews and testimonials on this page here.
  7. GO WITH YOUR GUT: When putting together this site we tried putting together a quality representation of what we can offer you.  If you are on this site and love it chances are very high you will be pleased with our company’s work.  The goal of this site is to provide information about our services while (somewhat aggressively) initiating a contact conversion 🙂 .  Because that’s business right?  You want your website to do something:  Get Leads!  Sell!  Collect data!  Make business systems run smoother!  Ease Communication!  Integrate with other platforms!  Anyways, if you’re not impressed with our site, then all we can say is:  Thank you for your consideration and wish you the best of luck.


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